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Square Earth Pit Covers

  • Square Earth Pit Covers

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Square Earth Pit Covers, Earthing Pit Covers, FRP Earth Pits, FRP Pit Covers, Earthing Solutions from Pune, Maharashtra, India. We provide whole range to ALL OVER THE WORLD; but we majorly targeted customers from Maharashtra, India.

U-Protec manufactures, exports and supplies the highest quality polypropylene with the highest quality and level of care, absorbing the most extreme 5000kg of fleece. It avoids the misdeeds of the fragile and icy climate and the balances rot in the sun. Lightweight highlights allow for easy maintenance, capacity and transportation, improving installation efficiency. Basically, interlocking both cells at the same time enlarges the terminal area by 100% and allows the anode to be coupled to earth, reducing the effect of harmful voltage angles.

U-Protec Earthing is at the forefront of ground-breaking protective solutions, introducing our state-of-the-art Square Earth Pit Covers. As an esteemed manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, we're dedicated to offering products that elevate safety standards while seamlessly integrating into modern infrastructures.

Each Square Earth Pit Cover from U-Protec signifies our commitment to precision and durability. Meticulously designed, these covers not only safeguard earthing terminations from environmental hazards but also provide effortless inspection access, all while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Having established a solid footprint on the global stage, U-Protec Earthing delivers Square Earth Pit Covers that resonate with international quality benchmarks. Industries, commercial ventures, and households worldwide trust and endorse our products, bearing testament to our unwavering focus on excellence.

Discover the perfect blend of functionality and design with U-Protec Earthing's Square Earth Pit Covers. Invest in protection that is as reliable as it is refined.

Features of Square Earth Pit Covers
  • Environmental protection and rust prevention
  • Factory built four openings for earth conductor / strips etc
  • Removable top for Pit inspection
  • It does not rust and offers the lowest resistance to the ground.
  • Production of variable options to meet customer demand.
  • Easy to install and very beautiful appearance.

Square Earth Pit Covers

Available in 6" & 10"

  • Upper Diameter - 162 mm
  • Lower Diameter - 242 mm
  • Length - 230 mm.
  • Load Bearing Capacity: 2 Tones.

  • Industries
    • Electrical Industry
    • Cements Industry
    • Electrical Contractor
    • Electrical Equipments
    • Manufacturing Industries
    • Sugar And Paper Industry
    • Petrol & Chemical Industry

    Advantage of Square Earth Pit Covers
    • Corrosion resistant surface
    • Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity
    • Advanced technology with effective engineering
    • Easy to install