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  • Welcome to U-Protec Earthing!

Copper Bonded Earthing Rods With And Without V Shape

  • Copper Bonded Earthing rods (Standard & 250 Microns with V shape)

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Copper Bonded Earthing Rods With And Without V Shape from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

U-Protec Copper Bonded earth rods are made from low Carbon Steel as per IS standard with high tensile strength material. Copper Coupled Earth Bars are ideal Earthing Electrodes as they provide the installer with a cost effective earth bar grounding system. Pure electrolytic copper is uniformly molecularly bonded to a high strength steel core with a minimum thickness of 0.254mm, providing excellent corrosion resistance and eliminating electrolysis. Mating wires are produced by a rolling process to ensure the strength of the wires and maintain the integrity of the molecularly bonded copper. Low-carbon steel rods are molecularly bonded with 99.9% pure electrolytic copper. It is Pipe In strip electrode. The space between the inner and outer electrodes is filled with a highly conductive and non-corrosive material.

  • -50 -60 Microns coating on an iron electrode.
  • Design for fast fault current dissipation. - CPRI Tested
  • It is durable and requires no maintenance.
  • A unique manufacturing process ensures a uniform thickness of the copper coating.
  • Easy to install and hard to damage.
  • It does not rust and offers the lowest resistance to the ground.
  • Production of variable options to meet customer demand.
  • Easy to install and very beautiful appearance.
  • Copper is 99.9% pure. The conductivity is therefore very good. -Low maintenance on site.
  • -Easy and fast installation on site.
Copper Bonded Earthing rods (Standard & 250 Microns with V shape)

Copper Bonded Earthing Rods
With V Shape

Copper Bonded Earthing Rods (Standard & 250) Microns without V shape)

Copper Bonded Earthing Rods
Without V Shape


Available in 17.2, 25, 32mm - 1, 2, and 3 meters.

  • Electrical Industry
  • Cements Industry
  • Electrical Contractor
  • Electrical Equipments
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Sugar And Paper Industry
  • Petrol & Chemical Industry

  • Advantage
    • Corrosion resistant surface
    • Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity
    • Advanced technology with effective engineering
    • Easy to install