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Hybrid Earthing

Hybrid Earthing
Hybrid Earthing

We are Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Hybrid Earthing and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
U-Protec Hybrid Earthing model combines the benefit of age old conventional earthing method with newly developed pipe technology. It is specially designed to provided low impedance value in highly resistive areas with longer life. The GI Earthing Electrodes are filled with highly conductive compound to provide greater surface area and a funnel with a mixture of salt and charcoal to create low resistance zone near electrode. The Earthing Electrode is placed deep into a pit (usually dug up to 1 meters), along with coal (absorbs and retains moisture) and Salt (creates ionic solution for faster dissipation of current). The Electrode is connected via Copper conductor, or GI Conductor or concealed copper cable to the respective electrical set-up. A funnel is attached to add water at regular intervals

The greatest advantage of U-Protec Hybrid earthing is maintenance of ohmic values despite seasonal changes and water conditions

Have Greater Surface areas than normal plate Earthing that enhances better resistive values

Dual Protection (Pipe in Pipe technology used)

Economic and Easy to install

Suitable for all types of Soil Strata